Noah's Secret Inc

                  NOAH'S SECRET INC
Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Supplies

Disasters can occur at any moment in our lives.  Although we can't control them, we CAN control our ability to respond to them.   Being Prepared Saves Lives!   Do not wait until a disaster strikes to create your Emergency Plan or Survival Kit.    Do It Now!

When our company formed in 2009 our goal was to offer emergency  supplies in attempt to help you prepare for the unexpected as it relates to Natural Disasters.   Five years later, my awareness has been sharpened and I've been shown an even more pressing urgency for preparedness.   It  has taken on a spiritual form.  We are all going to die because we are born of earth an must return  to it.  But the Spirit of man will be resurrected to stand trial.     Now THAT is what we should concern ourselves with.    Of course, as with all things there are those who only believe in the here and now.     Noah's Secret 's mission is to serve  both "spiritual" survivalist  and for  those who live for today.


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