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Book of Enoch-Chapter 65
"and in those days Noah saw the earth that it had sunk down and its destruction was nigh. And he arose from thence and went to the ends of the earth and cried aloud to his Great Grandfather, Enoch with an embittered voice, three times
"Hear Me!  Hear Me! Hear Me!"...

"Searching for peace and achieving justice: the need for accountability", published on Law and Contemporary Problems, vol. 59: no. 4. [] (Citing Rummel and SIPRI)

  • 33 million "military casualties" (That's how the article phrased it, but I presume that means military deaths.)
  • 170 million killed in "conflicts of a non-international charater, internal conflicts and tyrannical regime victimization")
    • incl. 86M since the Second World War
  • [TOTAL: 203,000,000]

                 Can you serve TWO Masters? 

Are YOU on the Right Side of Right?

You cannot awaken a people pretending to be asleep.


Although 2013 was relatively quiet compared to past years, several major events such as the tornado outbreaks in the U.S., floods, hail and windstorms in Europe and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines inflicted widespread devastation and significant losses on impact.”

There are only two classifications of people...
The prepared and the Unprepared! 
In these days, you are more likely to suffer at the hands of Man than from 
the promise of God ...whose timing is unknown.

There are some events that occur that we can expect. for sure.. but not the exact  time or for certain... track.    For those events..., we CAN prepare.    Having an emergency kit may prove invaluable if you don't procrastinate.     Give it some thought!

Before you head out on the highway...or to an event that draws a huge crowd....

Buy an Emergency  ROAD  Kit 

This kit is the most complete way to prepare for  Driving to events, regardless of the season.. This kit is a 72-hour kit, auto kit, an all climate weather  kit all in one. With thermal blankets, feet and hand warmers, jumper cables ,food  and water, first aid kit  and more..  you can survive for  three days, you’ll be prepared if hurt or  stranded wherever your location. This Kit Is Packed Securely in Our Red Duffle Bag with Wheels.   

Every motor vehicle should have one.

One time investment of $189.95  for a life time of  local and long distance  traveling preparedness.  Keep it in your motor vehicle at all times.

It's Summer my friends.......If your vehicle isn't equipped yet with an emergency road kit, it is not too late!    IT'S WEIRD.order NOW!   A one time investment for as long as your vehicle is on the road.  Great for  young and old drivers alike.  Have a conversation with your loved ones about the hazards of traveling and the "Unexpected".  If they don't prioritize your warnings... Buy it for them as a gift that says... I Love you, thank me later!   

Seasons change daily... fall is around the corner and winter will surely come around again.  Stay with us!  It is Not Too Late to get on the Right Side of Right.    The choice is your.


With all the Violence in our country  and attacks on theaters, day care centers, schools, Churches and work places... A lock down kit is essential for your, our kids and employee's safety.  It could make all the difference when faced with terrorists' threats!  

  There have been 74 "school shootings in America since Sandy Hook."   
(There are groups that dispute what constitutes a school shooting but they cannot dispute the fact that t on school grounds.)
  Most recent...  , Tue June 10, 2014

- When the shooting started at her high school near Portland, Oregon, early Tuesday, student Jaimie Infante didn't recognize the sound of a gunshot.

She thought maybe somebody had dropped a book.

In reality, a lone gunman had opened fire at the school, killing one student and forcing others to flee.

Our Children are vulnerable none the less, because we have not armed them with the power of wisdom that leads  to  truth and righteousness. And..if  YOU don't know'd better find out.  In my opinion...   The answer  is  in Prayer...Not in electing more lost politicians!

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Your  pets also suffer during inclement weather because humans  hinder them with our need to domesticate and control.  If you are a pet owner you have assumed responsibility  for their safety a "God Given" sense of survival.  So have assumed you are better at this you should invest in  first aid kits for them, life jackets and other life saving products for your Canine and   especially the Cats!  

Pets Preparedness

These events are not going away. They happen every year, several times a year!  Historically, humans get serious about avoiding disasters only after one has just smacked them in the face.  Well, by that logic,2006 should have been a real breakthrough year for rational behavior, with the memory of 911, the worst terrorist attack in U.S. History, still fresh in our minds. We also watched Katrina, and  Just last year, Hurricane Sandy.  


                                        The weather can change in a heart beat!    

Planning ahead gives you peace of mind.




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